Baby & Parent Swim Class
Dec, 2021

Helpful tips for your baby’s first swim lesson

When in the water—RELAX! Your child can sense when you’re feeling tense. It is important to encourage smiles, laughs and maintain a positive tone with your voice so that you are projecting positive…
Family Swimming
Apr, 2018

Open Swim has Benefits for the Whole Family!

We all know how important swim lessons are. They have many benefits physically, socially, and emotionally! But what about open swim time, where kids can have free-play in a non-structured environment? That has some great benefits, too!
Oct, 2017

King’s Swim Academy’s New Blog!

We are happy to announce King’s Swim Academy’s new blog! Here is a place for information, encouragement, and FUN! King’s Swim Academy excels in water safety and proper swim technique in a safe, clean environment for babies, children, and adults. Learning to swim is much more than a life-saving skill. It can provide enjoyment and… View Article
Oct, 2017

Water Safety Tips for Your Family

What are the first things you think of when you’re about to take your family swimming in a pool or at the beach? It’s easy to think of the fun things, such as water toys, snacks, and your camera. What about all the potential dangers in and around the water, or what to do if something does happen?
Crying at swim lessons
Oct, 2017

Crying is Normal – We’re Here to Help!

We’ve seen it all – a child is ready to get into the pool and BAM – the crying begins. They realize that this new experience is filled with unfamiliar sensations, sounds, and people, all without mom!?