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San Mateo, Ca

57 E. 40th Ave.

San Mateo, Ca 94403


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Superior Splashing in San Mateo

This gem of an indoor pool is 50 feet long, making it ideal for both upper endurance-focused levels and beginner group lessons. The swimming pool is kept at a comfortable 90 degrees. (Swim instruction is easiest when the swimmer isn’t shivering!)

At King’s Swim Academy, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and safety of our San Mateo swim facility. The pool is thoroughly cleaned using COVID-19 protocols. (Click here to see our latest COVID-19 updates.) There are rinse station showers inside the locker rooms and changing stalls available on deck.

A nice outdoor play area is available for siblings to occupy themselves while waiting. Both children’s swim programs and adult swimming lessons are conducted at this location. (See our class schedule here.) This is one of the best facilities for swimming lessons in San Mateo!

Note that the San Mateo swim school facility is located in a residential neighborhood with street parking, so plan on walking an extra 5 minutes from your parking spot. We’d recommend arriving a bit early to beat the parking rush.

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