Helpful tips for your baby’s first swim lesson

Baby & Parent Swim Class
  1. When in the water—RELAX! Your child can sense when you’re feeling tense. It is important to encourage smiles, laughs and maintain a positive tone with your voice so that you are projecting positive energy for your child at all times. This helps your child associate the water with happiness.
  2. Give your child your full attention when in the water. This is premium bonding time!
  3. Be sure your child is not tired or hungry when it’s lesson time. Please be reminded to refrain from feeding your child within 1 hour of swim class.
  4. Children’s swim skills will all vary due to physical development, balance and coordination. It is important not to compare your child’s progress with others. Be animated, smile and give your child lots of celebrations!
  5. Keep your body low in the water, down to your shoulders and be at your child’s eye level to maintain good eye contact. It is important to always see where your child’s mouth is while in water.