Swim Lessons

Tuition is charged on the first of each month based on the number of classes (weeks) in that month.

Lessons are held once a week.

Group Lessons:

$24.75 per lesson (Adult, Parent & Me, Level 1B, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Technique & Fitness)

$26.00 per leson (Level 1A only, higher due to lower max student teacher ratio of 3:1)

Private Lessons: $64.00 per lesson

Semi-Private Lessons (2 students): $75 per lesson ($37.50 per student)


Example: If you have a Level 2 class on Mondays and there are 4 Mondays in the month, you will be charged $93 for that month ($23.25 times 4)


Annual Membership Fee: $30 for the first student, $15 for the second, free for additional siblings

Pro-rating available if you join mid-month.

A 10% discount on monthly tuition is offered to families with 3 or more kids enrolled!


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