Private Lessons



Private lessons are a great option for those who want or need more individual attention.  With private lessons, we will learn more about your specific needs and individually match you up with an instructor based on your input and schedule.  We usually encourage group lessons as there are more class times available, the pace of learning can be just as quick, and students often benefit from observing their classmates and the social interaction.  However, we understand every individual is unique and if you’re looking for private or semi-private lessons, we’re here to assist you!

Private lessons are available at all 3 of our locations.  Availability is generally limited to weekdays before 3pm and after 7pm due to pool space.

Free trial lessons are not offered for private classes


Private Lessons: $64.00 per lesson

Semi-Private Lessons (2 students): $75 per lesson ($37.50 per student)

Annual membership fee applies ($30 for first student, $15 for first sibling, free for additional siblings)

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  • Sorry, we do not have sufficient pool space for private lessons on Saturdays
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